Magda Mayas / Jim Denley - Tempe Jazz

Magda Mayas - clavinet
Jim Denley - alto sax and bass flute

1. A Departure 4:40
2. Customs Declaration 17:06
3. In Transit 9:01
4. Arrival 15:05

Recording: Tuesday 23rd February 2016 12-3pm by Mij Yelned. Additional field recordings, mixed and mastered by Mij Yelned (at Kaloola). All compositions Mayas (GEMA) and Denley (APRA).

Welcome to an abandoned sports club in Sydney’s south, a marginalized corner of the glittering city, slap-bang between a polluted Georges River (Guragurang?) and Kingsford Smith Airport.

A 1⁄2 way house between many states... working-class vibe — smell of mould — beer-soaked-floorboards — fear of suspected asbestos — daggy mid C20th Australia. Mooted soon to be demolished and superseded by the brand-spanking.

Magda and Jim pay respects to the traditional custodians of this land the Dharug and Dharawal.

Instruments: Jim plays the Yas61 alto (yasmine) he acquired as a teenager in 1976 and a Philipp Hammig bass flute bought in London in the early 1990s, Magda a barely functioning 1970s clavinet hired for the session.

Music has timespaces etched into it’s multidimensional surfaces.

Release date - August 4, 2017

Release number: RPR1061