Forbrace - Steeped

"Steeped (Relative Pitch), is the group’s second album, recorded live, mostly at Cafe Oto, London, in February 2016. It kicks off with an urgency never quite bordering abandon but loose enough to allow the spark of abrasive intensities, as when “Hive” ends in pileup backbeats, Horro’s bass grinding away in the depths while Sassi picks out a needling pattern and Ward trills in agitation, only to run right into “Planetesimals”: electric bass as abstract rummage, and Sassi looping fretwork into electronic code, clearing the way for a surprisingly sensitive clarinet/percussion duet, which in turn sets the tone for collectively subdued textural interplay.

The album’s crammed with such sudden shifts, keeping faith with the free imperative of improv while maintaining the its directness through sheer force of impact. And it’s not as clear as you might expect, which pieces are Ward compositions (all the odd numbers), and which are the interstitial collective improvisations."

~ Dalston Sound

Release date - September 30th, 2016

Release number: RPR1052