Joe Morris - Shock Axis

"Imagine Joe Morris playing with Napalm Death and you get an idea where we are. Morris fevered guitar on "Red Vision" invites Cretella to pattern his notes on the same pursuit and Parmelee's drums give chase, too. This version of fast and furious leads to an exhausting endpoint. Finally, after six exhausting tracks and nearly one hour of music, "Lift" opens with a quiet drum solo and some intricate scattered bass (with thunder intact), then Morris perambulates his guitar over the lumpy terrain, precipitating sparks of energy and inciting his trio into a tsunami of sound. Glorious sound. This CD is produced as a limited edition of 250 copies.

Track Listing: Hurricane Point; Giant Eye; Wherewithall; Skera; Outer Layer; Red Vision; Lift.

Personnel: Joe Morris: guitar; Chris Cretella: electric bass; Dave Parmelee: drums."

~ All About Jazz

Release date - July 15th, 2016

Release number: RPR10348