Tomas Fujiwara Trio - Variable Bets

Release date - December 2, 2014

"Each musician comes from a different sub-genre of NYC's rich jazz and creative music scene; in fact, while all three have extensive performance credits, this ensemble was the first time any of the three had played together. Fujiwara says 'I've always been drawn to bands who's lineups make me think, 'what is THAT going to sound like?' The unknown of interesting combinations is a big part of the mystery and fun that I appreciate about music, especially live performance. I had no idea how this band would sound, and that's one of the main reasons I put it together.'" - November, 2014 - Other Side Artists Cooperative (reprint) - Tomas Fujiwara Trio: Variable Bets -- Read Article »

Tomas Fujiwara Trio Insomniac's Delight @ Cornelia Street Café 10-23-14

Release number: RPR1028