Paul Flaherty & Randall Colbourne - Ironic Havoc

"...this saxophone duo works the limits of their instruments to great effect, delivering an album that is both engaging and provocative. Building from an energetic and splintered melody, the opening track ‘Jumping Spiders’ features Flaherty’s uncompromising and thoroughly captivating approach. Colbourne’s percussion serves as a wonderful foil to the sometimes explosive, and other times serene, work of the saxophonist. Colbourne’s introduction to ‘Bstry’ sets the stage for Flaherty’s intense spiraling lines, it’s a real highlight. This is not an album that you can put on in the background. It demands that you listen, hear, think and be absorbed." -- Read the full review here »

Paul Flaherty - Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Randall Colbourne - Drums

Release number: RPR1019