Estamos Trio - People's Historia

Estamos Trio is an exploratory music ensemble formed through the cross-border Estamos Project founded by Thollem in 2010. The trio's first album, People's Historia, was released on Relative Pitch Records in 2013. Carmina Escobar and Milo Tamez (Extended Drumset / San Luis Potosí) join Thollem (Acoustic and Electric Keyboards / San José) in a multidimensional metaphonic adventure in sonic fields familiar, foreign and renewed. Their intention is realized in every sound and every breath, to experience the gathering together in this evaporating moment of pulsing energetic waves: the culmination of all time up to now. "An instantaneous and collective form of composition that opens a route to the oral heritage of the ancients." - Rui Eduardo Paes (Portugal)

Carmina Escobar - voice, electronics, field recordings
Milo Tamez - extended drumset
Thollem McDonas - piano

Release number: RPR1013