Chris Abrahams & Magda Mayas - Gardener

"As she becomes progressively better known, it’s evident that Berlin-based Magda Mayas is one of the evolving masters – or more properly mistresses - of extended keyboard playing. Regularly improvising with fellow sound explorers such as prepared guitarist Annette Krebs from Berlin and Parisian alto saxophonist Christine Abdelnour, the keyboardist has revealed close-listening and participating strategies. Gardener and Fluoresce confirm this; he interaction between the two players is the golden thread running through the album. For a first meeting as a duo, their empathy was already remarkably high. Both were experienced duo players with others, and transferred that experience to this pairing, immediately making it sound long-established. "Lichens" provides a typical example of the two at their best together; with Mayas on harpsichord and Abrahams at the piano keyboard, they trade phrases in an ongoing musical conversation, meshing and blending into each other as their contributions become intertwined and indistinguishable. The longest track, "The changes wrought by the recurring use of tools", is different but the level of mutual understanding is equally high, as they explore the range of instruments at their disposal to create a rhythmically complex but coherent piece." review by John Eyles  2013-11-06 Squid's Ear.

Chris Abrahams - piano, harpsichord, harmonium
Magda Mayas - piano, harpsichord, harmonium

Release number: RPR1011